About Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam is a world leader in tai chi for health improvement 

A retired general practitioner based in Sydney, Dr Lam has been practicing and teaching tai chi for around 40 years.  He worked with a team of tai chi and medical specialist to create his first Tai Chi for Health programme, Tai Chi for Arthritis, in 1997.  Several other programmes have been devised since.  He continues to teach and share his wisdom and experience at workshops around the world

As a young boy growing up in famine-ravaged China, starvation affected the development of his bones and and joints.  From his teens he has suffered from arthritis.  Knowing that tai chi is recommended by traditional Chinese medicine for people with arthritis, Paul Lam took it up as a young man.  His tai chi journey has enabled him to gain excellence in several tai chi styles, reaching a very high standard in international competitions in China and serving on judging panels. 

However, over time, experiencing enormous the benefits he was gaining from tai chi, Dr Lam decided to combine this remarkable martial art with his professional medical expertise, to share its health-giving properties much more widely.  He started devising his "modernised Tai Chi", with sequences created from popular known styles, using movements that were appropriate for people with mobility challenges and for the intrinsic health benefits.  He also came up with a method of teaching tai chi, made several instructional videos, and wrote resource books, with the intention of making tai chi for health, as acessible and safe as possible. 

As a medical practitioner, he also ensured that the programmes he and his team devised, proved their efficacy through controlled trials. 

In 2013, many years and numerous trails later, the American Centres for Disease Control recommended his Tai Chi for Arthritis programme as effective for fall prevention. 

Dr Lam has now set down his moving and uplifting life story in his memoir  Born Strong.