Tai Chi for Health - Instructor Certification & Updating

Instructor Certification

All participants who attend the workshop will receive either and Instructor/leader's certificate or an attendance certificate. You will be assessed on your performance of the practical as well as a written test. 

Even if you are attending the workshop for your own health and wellness, and not interested in becoming a certified instructor, it is recommended that you prepare in the same way so as to make the most of the two days' experience.


Instructor Updating

Certification for all TCH programmes lasts for two years.  These programmes are endorsed by many organisations worldwide, and continuing training is essential to maintain the recognized standards, and keep instructors up to date with new information and improvements to the programmes.

A written assignment is required to be submitted before all Update workshops.  Late submission will incur an additional administration fee.

Instructors can choose the following ways to update:

  1. At a dedicated Update workshop
  2. At an instructor workshops, arranged in advance with the Master Trainer running the workshop
  3. By correspondence.  The same written assignment is completed accompanied by a half hour unedited video of the instructor teaching a TCA class.

Note: Instructors can Update any time before the end of the two years.  A reminder will be sent out by the Tai Chi for Health Institute shortly before the two year qualification period ends.

Instructors who allow their qualification to lapse are not authorised to use Dr Lam's name in their advertising.


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