Roberto Crea's 2017 workshops, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Abingdon School Sports Centre, Park Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1 DE

1st & 2nd June:  Sun 73
3rd & 4th June:  Chen 36

Suitable for ALL levels
- Learn these contrasting Forms in a relaxed, fun atmosphere
- Explore your latent abilities and potential
- Discover the joy of playing tai chi with like-hearted companions!

Roberto Crea is has been a Master Trainer with Dr Lam's Tai Chi for Health Institute for over fifteen years.

He is the European Traditional Sun Style Neijianquan instructor in Italy

Roberto's unique approach combines both disciplines, expressed with consummate technical skill and instruction that inspires, provides insight and speaks to hearts and minds. 

Sun 73

The Sun 73 is a competition Form that has been made accessible for those interested in developing their tai chi further, for fun and health, by Dr Paul Lam.  Much of the first two sections of the Sun 73 form the basis of Dr Lam's acclaimed Tai Chi for Arthritis sequence, that has proven health benefits, and recently been recommended by the American Centres for Disease Control as being effective in fall prevention.

For those new to the remaining four sections, Roberto will help you discover and experience the story through the form, travelling via the exciting "kicks and punches" of section three, the calmer moments of the Sun versions of "Part Horse's Mane" and "Golden Rooster", through the "Lady Works the Shuttles", to the "Lotus Kick", and closing with "Unite with Yin and Yang" and "Return to Wu Ji".  A highly satisfying longer Form, that can be performed in less than 10 minutes.

More experieced Sun 73 players, will revel in the finer mysteries and gems that Roberto shines light upon, during his exposition of the form.


Chen 36

The Chen 36 is also a competition Form, but more accessible and less daunting than the Chen 56, and very suitable for those wanting to experience a standardised version of the original tai chi style.  Devised by Professor Kan Gui Xiang as a simpler version than the Chen 83, it retains all the essential elements, and her work has done much to bring Chen style out of obscurity. 

   ".... the result is a more balanced Form, which is shorter and more suitable for modern needs.  It is an immensely logical Form, progressing in a natural and fluid fashion from simple to more difficult movements."*

 With his deep understanding of Chen, Roberto is able to guide students, even those who have little experience of the style, through an exhilarating journey of vortices of energy and breathtaking pauses.


Although contrasting in many ways, Sun and Chen style, share many basic tai chi components, and understanding and practice in one style, enhances performance in the other - and all the other styles.  The spiral force of Chen is very obvious, and requires the body to be supple and Song, to allow the movements to flow through the body in a very dramatic way.  However, this force is also present in the more modern Sun style and the popular Yang style too.  Expressing sprial force more overtly helps to develop and use this dynamic in more subtle ways in the other styles.


 *From Chen Style Taijiquan  The 36 Form  by Professor Kan Gui Xian and Dr Paul Lam


Details for booking one or both workshops are available by downloading  this form

Taster Sessions

The first morning of both workshops will be open to those just wishing to experience a few hours of either of these beautiful and satisfying Forms.  Booking form for taster sessions.


ABINGDON on Thames

Abingdon is a charming historic market town 10 kilometres south of Oxford.


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