Tai Chi for Health Institute

Founded by Dr Paul Lam and his colleagues in 2009, in Sydney, Australia

Purpose: To empower people to improve their health and wellness

Vision: Making Tai Chi for Health accessible to everyone for health and wellness

The primary focus of the Tai Chi for Health Institute is to train safe and effective instructors for their Tai Chi for Health programmes.

The TCHI aims to fulfil its purpose and realise its vision by following its Mission:

  • Training effective and safe teachers of the Tai Chi for Health programs
  • Developing effective programs though research and development
  • Making the world aware of tai chi as a modality that promotes health.

The TCHI represents all certified instructors/leaders of the Tai Chi for Health programs.

It is administered by a director and a governing board, consisting of master and senior trainers, instructors and participants (students), and nominated expert/s.

In February 2014 there were, worldwide, approximately:

  • 60 Master Trainers (USA, Korea, Australia, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland/Netherlands)
  • 90 Senior Trainers (As above and Canada)
  • 4000 Instructors (As above and Belgium, Germany, Spain, Philippines)

In 1997 Dr. Paul Lam created the Tai Chi for Arthritis programme, with a team of tai chi and medical experts.

Other Tai Chi for Health (TCH) programs have also been created since then, including:

  • Seated TCA Tai Chi for Diabetes
  • Tai Chi for Back Pain
  • Tai Chi for Osteoporosis
  • Tai Chi for Falls Prevention
  • Tai Chi for Beginners
  • Tai Chi for Kidz
  • Tai Chi @ Work

TCH programmes are evidence-based: Medical studies have shown these programs effective to improve health safely.

Programmes are supported by international organisations: (eg Centres for Disease Control, USA)


Address in Australia

6 Fisher Place, Narwee NSW 2209,

Phone: 61 2 9533 6511,  Fax: 61 2 9534 4311

Email: service@tchi.org

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