Tai Chi Principles

Much has been written about tai chi principles ...

One source is the Taijiquan Treatise by the mythical Zhang San Feng of the 12th century.  Here's an extract:

The movement is rooted in the feet,
Developed in the legs,
Directed by the waist,
And expressed through the hands and fingers.
From the feet to the legs to the waist should be one unbroken chi flow.

The energy should be slightly reserved and stored by rounding so that there will always be a surplus.
Storing energy is like drawing a bow;
Releasing energy is like shooting an arrow.

The energy appears relaxed,
But is actually powerful and firmly rooted.
The mind leads and the body follows.

Always remember that when one part moves all parts move;
When one part is still, all parts are still.


For Dr Paul Lam's excellent explanation and summary See Essential Tai Chi Principles