UK & Europe Instructors - Tai Chi for Health

 Dr Paul Lam with Master Trainers and Senior Trainers in Oberdorf, Switzerland in May 2015

Master Trainers

There are six Tai Chi for Health Master Trainers in Europe, three in the UK, with the others in Rome, Sweden and Switzerland.

Master Trainers are qualified to train instructors in Tai Chi for Health Programmes.

Please go to the Tai Chi for Health Institute's website and select the appropriate country for a list of their workshops.


 Senior Trainers

There are seven Senior Trainers in the UK, mainly based in the northwest, with one in Northern Ireland.

Senior Trainers carry out regional instructor practice sessions, assist and work with Master Trainers in all matters relating to Tai Chi for Health programmes.

UK Senior Trainers and their qualifications



There are a number of Tai Chi for Health qualified Instructors throughout the UK and Europe. 

To become an instructor they must already be one of the following:

  • Tai chi instructor or advanced tai chi student
  • Physiotherapist or other physical therapist
  • Occupational therapist or other allied health professional
  • Nurse or rheumatology professional
  • Qualified exercise instructor

Before attending a training workshop, prospective instructors are required to complete prescribed preparation and have a current first aid qualification or equivalent with CPR.

 UK instructors listed on this website

 UK Instructors listed on the TCHI website